5 Most Common Chimney Problems and Their Practical Solutions


Fireplace or chimney is not only the source of comfort and warmth, but also it adds some aesthetic touch in your home décor. Although according to modern technology, there are a number of processes to produce heat, but keeping a chimney or fireplace at home is always special.

However, it is also equally important to perform the necessary chimney maintenance and chimney repair in the right time like summer or spring months so that you can enjoy your fall days with your family with the warmth of your chimney. The 5 most common chimney problems that are often faced by people are discussed below –


#1 Creosote


Most common problem regarding chimney is creosote build-up. Due to burnt out wood, smoke goes up and creosote is deposited within the chimney lining. As a result, venting system of the chimney faces problem that can cause unsafe fumes to get inside the home.


#2 Cracks in Chimney Caps and Chimney Crowns

Man repairing chimney

Chimney caps and crowns are important safeguard against snow, moisture, water or other unwanted outdoor elements. But cracks in these pieces may invite health hazards.


#3 Chimney Obstruction


Obstruction or blockage is one of the most common and serious chimney problems that usually occur when the chimney has not been used for long duration. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the good performance of the chimney.


#4 Brickwork Problems


You may face this problem if you have an old chimney like masonry chimneys. Due to seasonal changes and harsh weather condition, these chimneys can be wrecked down.


#5 Cracks in the Flue

A chimney with cracks in the flue can be life threatening as it can produce dangerous carbon monoxide that may seep into the room. Therefore, until the cracks in the flue are not repaired, the chimney should never be used.

These are quite common problems with majority of chimneys.   However, whenever you face any of these problems or any other problem, you should immediately look for licensed and experienced chimney repair service provider who can repair the chimney in appropriate time. After all, a time repair and proper maintenance can ensure the safety and efficiency of its performance.









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