Common Problems with Retaining Walls and How to Solve Them


Retaining walls have significant contribution in increasing the aesthetic look and functionality and value of a property. Whether in your residential are or commercial places, retaining walls are very useful create level areas where a steep site would not be easy to develop. However, before you consider to improve your home’s living space and real estate significance by creating retaining walls, you should know these basic information.


Different Size, Shape and Types of Retaining Walls


These types of walls come in all sizes and shapes. You can choose straight or curved construction with exposed surfaces. Sometimes, their massive

construction is helpful for the divided highways where the shorter walls are useful for landscaping purpose, sheltered alcoves or creating garden spaces. Even you have options to choose from gravity walls, cantilever walls, piling walls or a

nchoring for your landscape.


Common Issues with Retaining Walls


Whether your retaining wall fulfills your functional, aesthetic or property-enhancing value, it can be severely compromised if it starts falling. There are several reasons behind its failure. If the wall made of wood, it may start to fail fast as the wood deteriorates. On the other hand, due to the development of cracks on the masonry retaining walls, it starts to fail. Moreover, issues like shifting of individual blocks, falling out of the place or bowing or tilting the wall towards the ground are common problem.

Two men fixing reatining walls

Reason to Solve These Problems Immediately


Once you trace issues with your retaining wall, try to address the problem as soon as possible. Maybe the minor issues with your wall may worsen over time that will lead towards more expensive repairing. In addition, a weakened wall may invite some safety issues for people, pets and property.

Retaining Wall Repairing


In order to repair the damages of these walls, one of the most effective solutions is to contact foundation repair service providers. They can efficiently find out the problem behind the damages – be it pressure from wet or expansive soil, soil erosion, improper drainage or construction defects. Even they can provide solution for the failing retailing walls by dismantling and reconstructing them.









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