Why Is It Important To Check Slope Stabilization Before Purchasing Any Property?


Whether you are going to purchase your first home or tenth home, it is a matter of great excitement. However, it is equally important to conduct few essential inspections with diligence before this purchase since it would be one of your biggest investments in life. Among several significant checks, most of the home buyers often miss to collect one major report – a geotechnical report on their slope stabilization.


Reasons behind the Slop Stability Problem


Since several parts of the United States are prone to suffer from the real issues of slope stability and ground it is vital to know that your proposed purchase has no such issue. The issue has been evolved from the practice that different new sub divisions have been established by bulldozing the existing hills and cutting sides of the hilly slops.

Of course, fundamentally there is nothing unsafe in this process if the engineering calculations are done with proper dexterity. But if there would remain any incorrect calculation or follow any wrong procedure, chances are there that the retaining walls will fail to provide support the hillside behind it.


The Problem Becomes Worse When….


The biggest problem with the slop stabilization issue is that you may remain in darkness about the problem until there is a landslip. Although landslips are quite slow and gradual, the causes like an earthquake or a prolonged duration of heavy rainfall may trigger the issue. Moreover, it is quite impossible for a layman to make out if a house is at risk of landslip.


Feasible Solutions


Therefore before you purchase a property, whether new or reselling one with cut slop or retaining wall near it, there is a couple of things you must follow in order to minimize the risk. You may check the insurance company whether they receive high number of claims related to slope stabilization issues. Most importantly, you must follow a specialist engineering report on slop stabilization in that area before committing to that property.


House on a slope








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